Giacomo Triglia / Director


A tale of sensuality and tradition on the notes of “Cu ti lu dissi”, a song by the great Sicilian songwriter Rosa Balestrieri. The words “Ciatu di lu me cori, l’amuri miu si tu” (“Breath of my heart, you are my love”) accompany the film, directed by Giacomo Triglia and styled by fellow Sicilian Ramona Tabita, where the very essence of the #DGDNA lives in every corner of the streets of Siracusa. #DolceGabbana Title “Cu ti lu dissi” by Rosa Balistreri licenced by Musica del Sud/Teatro del Sole. 

Directed and edited by Giacomo Triglia; Produced by Dolce&Gabbana; Executive producer: 360 Degrees Film, DoP: Edoardo Bolli; Colorist: Giacomo Triglia and Edoardo Bolli.